at the Blue Note Tokyo
Seigen Ono Ensemble


01. She is She
02. Hanabi
03. Anchovy Pasta
04. Kind of Red and White
05. But it's True
06. Shadows of Charango
07. Yulayula 2
08. Picnic
09. White Tango
10. Nuite de la Danse
Seigen Ono (Electric Guitar/Charango)
Jun Miyake (Electric Piano/Pianica)
Yoichi Murata (Trombone)
Nao Takeuchi (Tenor Sax)
Hidenori Midorikawa (Alto Sax)
Issei Igarashi (Trumpet)
Tomo Yamaguchi (Percussion)
Shinichi Sato (Electric Bass)
Satoru Wono (Turn Table/Sampler/Keyboards)
And also special stage appearance by
Kyoko Enami (Reading on track 3)
Yayoi Yula (Voices on track 7, 8 and 10)
Satoshi Ishikawa (Pandeiro on track 5)
Cokky (Tantan on track 5)
Den (Cavaquinho on track 5)

オノ セイゲン、三宅純、村田陽一、竹内直
佐藤 慎一、ヲノ サトル、江波杏子
柚楽弥衣、石川智、Den and Cokky
Live recorded at the Blue Note Tokyo,
12 March, 2000

All compositions written by Seigen Ono
Except "Yulayula 2" by Seigen Ono and Yayoi Yula
Performed by Seigen Ono Ensemble
Produced by Seigen Ono
Mixed and Mastered by Seigen Ono at Saidera Mastering, Tokyo July - August 2007
Sony Sampling Reverb DRE-S777 with 6 set of omni directional speakers to add surround reverbration into the venue.
DPA 4021 pick up the sound on the stage into DRE-S777 (48K/mono in 4 out/St.Vincent cathedral, Concertgebouw Large). House PA sound designed and engineered by Kenjiro Motoki and his team. Akira Fukada show up for our sound check. He looked around to chose good spot to hung surround microphones with his fishing string which was in his pocket. He supposed to go to fishing but he maybe changed his plan. A pair of DPA 4009, 5m gap, and other pair of Sennheiser MKH-40 for front main stereo image. 1m gap. 3m distance between front and back pairs. Captured audio with follow microphones; DPA 4035 for Charango, Neumann M 149 Tube for Alto Sax and Trumpet, TLM 103 for Trombone and Tenor Sax, Audio Technica AT4051 for Percussion top, Shure Beta 87 for voices, AKG 414 for EG and EB amps. Microphone preamplifiers, compressor and ADs: Tube-Tech MEC-1A x5, Studer D-19MicAD 8chx2, GML 8300. Avalon 2044, AMEK System 9098, Apogee AD-8000. Recorded on Tascam DA-78HR (48KHz24bit)
For surround SACD mixing (2007);Transfer Tascam to ProTools HD3, up-convert 96KHz, No EQ or Plug-ins but Sampling Reverb DRE-S777 (only 3 machines 96K) to recreate the space. Mix in the box. Then 8 track PCM to DSD convert via Prism Sound ADA-8 to Sony SONOMA DSD Audio Work Station. Adjust delays between ambience and stage microphones. Monitoring: EMM Labs the DAC8 MKⅡ, Grace Design m906 high fidelity 5.1 monitor controller, Sony TA-DA9100ES

NO.   Title Artist Arthor 作詞/作曲 JASRAC作品コード
1   She is She Seigen Ono Ensemble Seigen Ono 084-8277-2
2   Hanabi Seigen Ono Ensemble Seigen Ono 084-8278-1 
3   Anchovy Pasta Seigen Ono Ensemble Seigen Ono 058-8181-1
4   Kind of Red and White Seigen Ono Ensemble Seigen Ono 071-1728-1 
5   But it's True Seigen Ono Ensemble Seigen Ono 071-5815-7
6   Shadows of Charango Seigen Ono Ensemble Seigen Ono 084-8279-9
7   Yulayula 2 Seigen Ono Ensemble Yayoi Yura / Seigen Ono 084-8280-2
8   Picnic Seigen Ono Ensemble Seigen Ono 084-8281-1
9   White Tango Seigen Ono Ensemble Seigen Ono 058-7123-9
10   Nuite de la Danse Seigen Ono Ensemble Seigen Ono 084-8282-9