música bonita
Cholro Club

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01. Folks
02. ハチロク
03. 追憶のボレロ
04. モリコーネの憂鬱
05.11 p.m.
06. natureza morta
08. 古城のワルツ
09.Um Dia
11.É por aí
12.Rua Araxá
13.Waltz #03

1989年に笹子重治(アコースティック・ギター) 秋岡欧(バンドリン) 沢田穣治(コントラバス)の3人によって結成されたChoroClub の約8年ぶりとなるオリジナル・アルバム『música bonita』笹子重治、秋岡欧、沢田穣治。ショーロクラブの3人が、サイデラ・マスタリングのスタジオにて、ダイレクト2ch DSDスタジオライブ録音。(無観客、カメラあり)『Música Bonita = 美しい音楽』完成!

Produced by Choro Club
Live recorded and mastered by Seigen Ono at Saidera Mastering studio (live DSD direct recording)
High-Resolution Audio Produced by Seigen Ono
Main Stereo microphones: Neumann M 149 tube X 2 (for CD and High-Resolution stereo) + * * additional B&K 4012 for Guitar and/or DPA 2011C for Contrabass for few songs. For 3D Surround (for 5.1 and 9.1 with height) microphones are: B&K 4012 for Bandlin B&K 4012 for Guitar * DPA 2011C for Contrabass * Neumann TLM50 X 2 for Surround left and right * DPA 2006C X 2 ceiling FL/FR DPA 4090 X 2 ceiling SL/SR SENNHEISER MKH40 for Rev send Sony DRE-S777 Sampling Digital Reverb for adding reverb into the room GRACE Design m801 (8ch x 2 units) GML HRT-9100 Mixer DSD down convert to 192KHz 32bit for SEQUOIA (for PCM production) No headphone monitors used at the recording. No additional reverb used in postproduction.
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Unknown Silence
SDSD-1044 (C)(P) 2017 Unknown Silence / SDM & LiveRec