オノ セイゲン Seigen Ono

サイデラ・パラディソ C.E.O.  エンジニア / ミュージシャン 

1984年にJVCよりデビュー。87年に日本人として始めてヴァージンUK(アーティストとして3枚)、ヴァージン・ミュージックパブリシング(作家として10年)と契約。1987年、コム デ ギャルソン 川久保玲から「洋服が奇麗に見えるような音楽を」という依頼により、ショーのためにオリジナル楽曲を作曲、制作。アート・リンゼイ、ビル・フリゼール、ジョン・ゾーン、フレッド・フリスら、80年代のNYダウンタウン・シーン最精鋭たちが結集した『COMME des GARÇONS SEIGEN ONO 1』『同2』は、ファッション、広告、建築、デザイナーのあいだで話題となり、定番として再び注目されている。『Olive Tree for Peace / Seigen Ono』『Maria and Maria / Seigen Ono』ほか多数のアルバムを発表。 ニューヨーク、サンパウロ、リオデジャネイロ、パリ、ミラノ、東京で録音された『Bar del Mattatoio(屠殺場酒場) / Seigen Ono』はカエタノ・ヴェロ-ゾが寄せたライナーノーツも話題となる。最新作は『Memories of Primitive Man / Seigen Ono and Pearl Alexander』(2015年 Sony Music Japan Int’l)
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Seigen Ono is a composer, recording and mastering engineer (DSD, surround with height). During his 30 years career, has worked as engineer for many project with renowned artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto(Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence/1983), Sadao Watanabe, Manhattan Transfer, Joe Jackson, The Lounge Lizards, Arto Lindsay, John Zorn, and David Sylvian.

As Recording/Mastering engineer 
Seigen Ono has starts as an assistant at ONKIO-HAUS (Tokyo) 1978, then freelance since 1980. Seigen Ono has worked with a wide range of musical talent including Ryuichi Sakamoto (Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence/1983), Sadao Watanabe (Parker's Mood/1985, Elis/1988, etc.), Manhattan Transfer (Vocalies live1986), Joe Jackson (Live 1980/86/1988), The Lounge Lizards (Big Heart/1986, No Pain for Cakes/1987), Arto Lindsay, John Zorn (Spillan/1987), King Crimson (Live in Japan, Three of a Perfect Pair/1983), Golden Palominos (Visions of Excess/1985) and David Sylvian (Weatherbox 1989). Naked City (torture garden/1991), Jaco Pastorius (Holiday for Pans/1993), Oscar Peterson (The quintet live featuring Joe Pass/1986), Steps Ahead (live/1987), Kazumi Watanabe (mobo splash 1985, etc.)
1991, Audio Supervisor for HDVS, SONY CORP (the first demo for Sony HD-TV demo) Remixed “FESTIVAL DE JAZZ MONTREUX” including Miles Davis with Gil Evans orchestra conducted by Quincy Jones. Gal Costa, Le Mystrere des voix Bulgares, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Deee Lite with Bootsy Collins, Elvis Costello and Rude five, The B.B. King Blues Band, Dianne, Reeves, Ray Charles, Chaka Khan, George Benson and Count Basie Orchestra, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Stanly Clarke, Omar Hakim, David Sanborn, Henri Salvador, Touring as PA engineer with Golden Palominos, Toshinori Kondo, Sadao Watanabe, etc. As the audio supervisor, demonstrator for Pro-Audio such DSD technology and mixing with surround height. 

Also for Sony's HDVS in 1991 and an endorser of Sony SONOMA DSD Audio Workstation and the reverberator Sony DRE S777 Sampling Digital Reverb for the last 13years, Seigen is a strong advocate for high resolution audio (DSD). He has been involved in R&D for the high end pro technologies of digital audio equipments developed by Sony, KORG and Yamaha. So he knows the most advanced auditory technology. 

As a Composer
He has released a number of Super Audio CD albums including “Olive Tree for Peace", “Maria and Maria”, “COMME des GARÇONS SEIGEN ONO” , “CDG Vol.1” , “CDG Vol.2” and “Bar del Mattatoio”, “Dragonfish Live/Seigen Ono Quintet” , etc. He has performed at a number of European jazz festivals including the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival (1993, 1994 and 2008). Mr. Ono has also worked for various theater and dance companies including Jean-Christophe Maillot (Les Ballets de Monte Carlo) and Philippe Decouffle (DCA), was the director and composer for “Le petit ballets des Rolly” (2008, Swiss).The project 2008: Le petit ballets des Rolly 


1984 to 2016

 MEMORIES OF PRIMITIVE MAN / Seigen Ono and Pearl Alexander SACD Hybrid 2015 
Olive Tree for Peace / Seigen Ono SACD Hybrid 2009
Dragonfish Live / Seigen Ono Quintet SACD Hybrid 2008
Seigen Ono Ensemble at the Blue Note Tokyo / Seigen Ono SACD Hybrid 2007
Forest and Beach / Seigen Ono SACD Hybrid 2004
Seigen Ono Septet 2003 Live / Seigen Ono SACD Hybrid 2003 
So peaceful, simple and strong / Seigen Ono SACD Hybrid 2002
I probably will notremember you / Seigen Ono SACD Hybrid 2002
Maria and Maria / Seigen Ono SACD Hybrid 2001
WHO IS SHE? ME? / Seigen Ono    1999  
La Movida / Seigen Ono   1997
Bar del Mattatoio / Seigen Ono   1995
Seigen Ono Ensemble MONTREUX 93/94 / Seigen Ono   1995
forty days and forty nights / Seigen Ono   1991
NekonoTopia NekonoMania / Seigen Ono   1990
COMME des GARÇONS SEIGEN ONO Vol.1&2 / Seigen Ono   1989
The Green Chinese Table / Seigen Ono   1988
SEIGEN / Seigen Ono   1884

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