Toshi Tsuruoka

Mastering/ Mixing Engineer
After interning at Masterdisk (Scott Hull), Toshi became a freelance mastering engineer based in New York City. During his 7 year journey to the United States, he has earened a masters degree from New York University where he studied music technology and composition. His mentors include Scott Hull, Justin Dello Joio, Tae Hong Park, Dafna Naphtali, and more. In 2020, he has returned to Tokyo and works as a mastering engineer at Saidera Mastering.


Toshi is also a sound artist-composer who specializes in electro-acoustic works. His most recent collaborations include Prime Winds Ensemble, Consensus Ensemble, Bearthoven Ensemble, Quince Ensemble, Mivos Quartet, NYUO1 Orchestra and many more. 



Mastering Rate

 Online Mastering  ¥13,200/song (tax incl.)
 Attended Mastering Session  ¥26,400/hour (tax incl.)
 Instrumental Masteing + ¥6,600/song (tax incl.)
 48kHz 24bit Delivery + ¥3,300/song (tax incl.)
 96kHz 24bit/DSD format Mastering Please contact us.



 Up to 24 tracks  ¥33,000/song (tax incl.)
 Each additional 24 tracks + ¥17,800 (tax incl.)
 Vocal Tuning + ¥11,000 / song (tax incl.)
 Rhythm Tuning + ¥11,000 / song (tax incl.)