Established 1987 by Seigen Ono. “Vamos pedir a saideira” means “Let’s have a last beer to go”, the first sentence Ono learned. It never end the last beer, go on and on ordering another one. “saída” means “output / exit”. So this is the label, the music should released to the world audience from this gate. If you learn how to use this sentence in Brazil, you can make so many good friends. That’s how Ono start life time project. 


01. 遮那王殿鞍馬出の事
02. 平調 小郎子
03. 弁慶洛中に於て人の太刀奪い取る事
04. 黄鐘調 調子
05. 弁慶義経に君臣の契約申す事
06. 壱越調 武徳楽
07. 吉野法師判官を追つかけ奉る事
08. 平調 寓歳楽
09. 判官南都へ忍び御出あること(その1)
10. 盤渉調 劔氣褌脱
11. 判官南都へ忍び御出あること(その2)
Ryuteki: Hasegawa Kagemitsu
Gaku-Biwa: Tabuchi Katsuhiko
Narration: Yasuji Isoura
Sutra Chanting: Okazawa Yoshiharu
Produced by Seigen Ono for Saidera Records

Recorded direct to TASCAM0 DS-D98, August 26 and 28, 2003 at SaideraM astering
Location recorded by Ono Seigen and Morisaki Masalo, September 9, 2003 al Manpukuji
Mastered onto Sony SONOMA October, 2003 by Ono Seigen at Saidera Mastering
Using Meitnerdesign ADC8 and DAC8, OPA 4009, 4012, 4021 microphones