Seigen Ono


01. Fantastic prescription one
02. Some great adventures
03. Tomorrow 11PM
04. So peaceful, simple and strong
05. My guitar 4
06. The sign to collapse 
07. The silence in a crowd
08. The best kind of blue
09. A few things I learned about you
10. We go to Brasil
11. My guitar 3
12. Shadows of Charango part 3-5
13. Fantastic prescription two
14. The world's tallest building (CD track only) 
Seigen Ono: Guitar and charango 
Febian Reza Pane: Piano
Shinichi Sato: Bass 
Hidenori Midorikawa: Alto sax
Nao Takeuchi: Tenor sax 
Tomo Yamaguchi: Percussion
Issei Igarashi: Trumpet 
Shinji Okuse: Nohkan flute
Composed and produced by Seigen Ono
Recorded and mixed by Akira Fukuda

Mic: Sanken Cu~44x Cu・41 / B&K 4006 4011 / Neuman M-149 M-147
Console: Amek 9098i
NO.   Title Artist Arthor 作詞/作曲 JASRAC作品コード
1   Fantastic prescription one Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 102-1791-6
2   Some great adventures Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 089-4497-1
3   Tomorrow 11PM Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 089-4498-9
4   So peaceful,simple and strong Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 089-4499-7
5   My guitar 4 Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 102-3371-7
6   The sign to collapse Seigen Ono Seigen Ono  102-1797-5 
7   The silence in a crowd Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 110-5693-2
8   The best kind of blue Seigen Ono  Seigen Ono  102-1800-9 
9   A few things I learned about you Seigen Ono Seigen Ono   102-1801-7 
10   We go to Brasil Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 102-1802-5
11   My guitar 3 Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 102-3374-1
12   Shadows of Charango part 3-5 Seigen Ono Seigen Ono  084-8279-9 
13   Fantastic prescription two Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 102-1803-3
14   The world's tallest building(CD track only)  Seigen Ono Seigen Ono  102-1805-0