Nijinsky’s reflection in the mirror
Hiroki Miyano


01. Nijinsky's Reflection in the Mirror 
02. Bewitched You 
03. Clair de Lune 
04. The Day of Cat 
05. Fairy 
06. The Lake of Roerich レーリッヒの泉
07. Amante 
08. L'agrims de la Araucana 
09. Bar del Mattatoio 
10. Afterimage of Spring 春の残像
11. Sweet Radiance
Produced by Seigen Ono
Composed, orchestrated, performed and recorded by Hiroyuki Miyano
"Clair de lune" composed by Claude Debussy
"Bar del Mattatoio" composed by Seigen Ono
"Sweer Radiance" composed by Febian Reza Pane

Sony PCM-800, MACKIE CR-1604, B&K Type 4011, Microphone, ProTools, dBTechnologies dB4496 DA converters, GML HRT mixer TUBE-TECH MEC-1A, Ed Meitner AD/DA converters, Sony Sonoma Audio Work Station DSD mixing onto Hybrid SACD(multi-channel SACD, stereo SACD and normal CD)