Established 1987 by Seigen Ono. “Vamos pedir a saideira” means “Let’s have a last beer to go”, the first sentence Ono learned. It never end the last beer, go on and on ordering another one. “saída” means “output / exit”. So this is the label, the music should released to the world audience from this gate. If you learn how to use this sentence in Brazil, you can make so many good friends. That’s how Ono start life time project. 

Seigen Ono 

01. Julia 
02. Pastorinhas / Bandeira / Mascara Negra
03. Galope
04. Another Groove 
05. On the Sunny Side of the Street
06. Roman Marching Band 
07. TA. TA. TA. 
08. Louis-san  
09.  Staying on the Beach All Day
10. Finale
11. Carnation 
12. If You Only Knew 
13. You will be All Right 
John Zorn, Bob Stewart, Bill Frisell, Arto Lindsay, Fred Frith, Marc Ribot, Alfredo Pedernera, Maxine Neuman,  Carol Emanuel, Jill Jaffe, Roy Nathanson, Curtis Fowlkes, Bill Ware, E.J. Rodriguez, Jim Nolet, Dougie Bowne,

Brad Jones, Judy Geist, John Beal, Hideo Yamaki, Kim Duk-soo, Choi Jong-shil, Tatsuo Kondoh, Marlene, Helio Delmiro, Armando Martinez, Nelson Martins, Helcio Brenha, Haruo Togashi, Jayme, Mentirinha, Joaquim Henriques, Aldemir Bruzaca, Pedrinho Rodriguez, Marcia Regina and Tereza Tillett 

NO.   Title Artist Arthor 作詞/作曲 作品コード
1   Julia   Seigen Ono Seigen Ono & Jill B. Jaffe  0J0-9995-7
2   Pastorinhas / Bandeira / Mascara Negra  Seigen Ono    
3     Galope Seigen Ono Luiz Gonzaga Jr.  0G1-8762-9
4   Another Groove Seigen Ono Seigen Ono & Roy J Nathanson 0A2-5771-4
5   On the Sunny Side of the Street  Seigen Ono Dorothy Fields / Jimmy McHugh   0O0-1840-8 
6   Roman Marching Band   Seigen Ono Seigen Ono & Roy J Nathanson 0R2-1116-1
7   TA. TA. TA.  Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 0T3-5568-3
8   Louis-san   Seigen Ono Seigen Ono & Roy J Nathanson   0L2-9112-0
9   Staying on the Beach All Day Seigen Ono Seigen Ono & Roy J Nathanson  0S5-7080-7
10   Finale Seigen Ono Seigen Ono, Choi Jong Shil , Kim Duk Soo, Hideo Yamaki & John Zorn  0F2-2312-5
11   Carnation   Seigen Ono Seigen Ono & Evan D Lurie   0C3-7016-0
12   If You Only Knew Seigen Ono Seigen Ono & Evan D Lurie  0I3-2396-1
13   You will be All Right  Seigen Ono Seigen Ono & Arto Lindsay  0Y1-0192-2