Established 1987 by Seigen Ono. “Vamos pedir a saideira” means “Let’s have a last beer to go”, the first sentence Ono learned. It never end the last beer, go on and on ordering another one. “saída” means “output / exit”. So this is the label, the music should released to the world audience from this gate. If you learn how to use this sentence in Brazil, you can make so many good friends. That’s how Ono start life time project. 

The Green Chinese Table
Seigen Ono

01. Seon In Macau
02. The Pink Room
03. World Collision
04. La Tête Dans Ma Tête
05. The Green Chinese Table
06. Tout-À-Coup, Une Tête Dans Ma Tête
-TRACK 01-
Jill Jaffe(violin/viola)
Carol Emanuel(harp)
Diane Chaplin(cello)
David Calhoun(cello)
Sander Strenger(violin)
Seigen Ono(wine glass)
Yukio Doki(Ppg Hdu Op)

-TRACK 02-
Seigen Ono(guitar / keyboards)
Evelyne Bennu(vox)
Tatsuji Kimura(mac)

-TRACK 03-
Tatsuji Kimura(mac)
Seigen Ono(guitar / charango / keyboards/percussion)

-TRACK 04-
Seigen Ono(charango)
Jill Jaffe(viola)
Ned Rothenberg(bass Clarinet)
Hank Roberts(cello)
Michael Blair(Percussion)
Arto Lindsay(guitar)

-TRACK 05-
Toshihiro Nakanishi(violin)
Todd Garfinkle(piano)
Chuei Yoshikawa(guitar)
Ryomei Shirai(Guitar)
Seigen Ono(cond.)"

-TRACK 06-
Seigen Ono(charango)
Jill Jaffe(viola)
Ned Rothenberg(bass clarinet)
Hank Roberts(cello)
Michael Blair(percussion)
Arto Lindsay(guitar)

Produced and Engineered by Seigen Ono Except 4&6 Associate Producer Arto Lindsay 
All Tracks Composed and Arranged by Seigen Ono & Jill Jaffe
CD Pre-mastered by Ian Gillespie at Tape One London
Recorded and Mixed at Onkio Haus v.f.v studio. Tokyo Quad, Master Sound Astoria, Media Sound, New York City, Assisted by Michael Reiter Robert Norris, Masaki Takamura, Karen Robben, Masumi Nakanishi, Tatsuji Kimura
NO.   Title Artist Arthor 作詞/作曲 JASRAC作品コード
1   Seon In Macau Seigen Ono Seigen Ono & Jill B. Jaffe 0S5-6111-5 
2   The Pink Room Seigen Ono    
3   World Collision Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 0W2-5137-4
4   La Tête Dans Ma Tête Seigen Ono    
5   The Green Chinese Table Seigen Ono    
6   Tout-À-Coup, Une Tête Dans Ma Tête Seigen Ono