Established 1987 by Seigen Ono. “Vamos pedir a saideira” means “Let’s have a last beer to go”, the first sentence Ono learned. It never end the last beer, go on and on ordering another one. “saída” means “output / exit”. So this is the label, the music should released to the world audience from this gate. If you learn how to use this sentence in Brazil, you can make so many good friends. That’s how Ono start life time project. 

Seigen Ono 

01. Something to Hold on to
02. Have You Seen It Yet?
03. All Men are Heels
04. Round the Globe
05. Hunting for Lions
06. Look for an Afternoon 
07. Pessoa Quase Certa
08. After You…
09. 540AM, View of Empire
10. Long Voyage

01. Julia
02. Carnation
03. If You Only Knew
04. You will be All Right
05. Pastorinhas / Bandeira / Mascara Negra
06. Galope
07. Roman Marching Band
08. TA. TA. TA.
09. Louis-san
10. Staying on the Beach All Day
11. Another Groove
12. On the Sunny Side of the Street
13. Finale
Arto Lindsay, Bill Frisell, Peter Scherer, John Zorn, Sussan Deyhim, John Lurie, Michael Blair, Ned Rothenberg, Hank Roberts, Carol Emanuel, Jill Jaffe, Roy Nathanson, Curtis Fowlkes, Roy Eric, Abdou M’Boup, Fusanosuke Kondo, Hideo Yamaki etc...
アート・リンゼイ、ビル・フリゼール、ピーター・シェラー、ジョン・ゾーン、スーザン・ディヒム、ジョン・ローリー、マイケル・ブレイア―、ネッド・ローゼンバーグ、ハンク・ロバーツ、キャロル・エマニュエル、ジル・ジャフェ、ロイ・ネイザンソン、カーティス・フォークス、ロイ・エリック、アブドゥ・エムブク、ブライス・ワッシー、近藤房之助、山木秀夫 他

「Memories of Primitive Man / Seigen Ono and Pearl Alexander is a wonderfully recorded and highly listenable collaboration between Japanese composer/producer Seigen Ono and American bassist Pearl Alexander. A collection of 16 distinct songs and soundscapes comprised of layers of overdubbed doublebass goodness, samples, percussion and some guitar. The beautifully expressive arco, phat deep pocketed groove playing by Pearl Alexander and the tuneful and masterfully textured sonic sculpting by Seigen Ono. Some of music infers song form and known genres and groove transformed. A rewarding collection that is highly creative yet accessible.」(Mark Dresser)
It’s very much Seigen’s. Simplicity you can walk around in. What it must sound like to stand beside a red wood, someday. Seigen and Pearl」(Arto Lindsay) 
「この音楽を説明できる的確な言葉がなくて困った。音の表現力って言葉ではまったく及ばない域のものがある。魔力あふれる美しい音の世界に連れて行ってくれるパールに感謝したい。」(本田ユカ/CIBO MATTO)
「暗闇を切り裂くコントラバスのフレーズに導かれ、さまざまな物音が交錯する圧巻のサウンドスケープ!」(國崎晋/Sound & Recording Magazine)
「(10年ぶりの新作)まだ途中のようですが、かっこいいですね! モニュメントバレーをひとりで歩きながら聴きたい感じ。」(伊島薫)
「Pearl Alexander has put herself at the leading edge of spontaneous music making. Her performance with GEN 311 had me thoroughly engaged as an audience. Now, in collaboration with Seigen Ono, a whole new level of music-making emerges. The elegance and originality of her performance combined with his composition and engineering expertise has produced another beautiful listening experience. Bravi!」(Dr. Diana Gannett)

NO.   Title Artist Arthor 作詞/作曲 作品コード
    Disc A      
1   White Tango Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-7123-9
2   Escalier De Mer Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-7854-3
3   King's Funeral Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-7855-1
4   White Coral Seigen Ono Seigen Ono  058-7856-0
5    Oui, C'est Si Bon
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 042-7255-2
6   Trapeze Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-7857-8
7   Under The Sea Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 0P2-5260-9
8   Peacock Jump Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8158-7
9   Time Passed Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8159-5
10   Affliction Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8160-9
11   Old Woman's Garden Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8161-7
12   Tarantella
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8163-3
13   White Coral
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-7856-0
14   Pessoa Quase Certa Seigen Ono Seigen Ono & Arto Lindsay  0P2-5260-9
15   South Pacific
Seigen Ono
Seigen Ono 038-7193-2
16   I Need 10
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8164-1
    Disc B      
1   La Movida Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8165-0
2   Monica Tornera Dominica Sera Seigen Ono Seigen Ono  
3   South Pacific Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 038-7193-2
4   Enishie Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 082-4540-1
5   Malu Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 029-0902-2
6   Covenant Of The Rainbow Seigen Ono Seigen Ono  005-4589-9
7   The Green Chinese Table Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 0R2-1116-1
8   Bar Del Mattatoio Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 0J2-5837-1
9   I Do Love You A Little Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 0I3-3023-2
10   Nick & Kiriko Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 029-0905-7
11   Fernando De Noronha Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 029-0913-8
12   Kodai Tenmondai Seigen Ono 吉増 剛造 / Seigen Ono 058-8166-8
    Dusc C      
1   You Are Here
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8168-4
2   Experiences And Memories
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8169-2
3   You Are Here, What Is Happening With Us?
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8529-9
4   Heat Island Tokyo Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8170-6
5   Cheap Kiss You Can Buy
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8171-4
6   Angel's Ladder
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8172-2
7   Heat Island Tokyo, But I Felt Fear So Much Of That Time
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8530-2
8   You Are Here Existing For Me In A Very Big Way 
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8531-1
9   Experiences And Memories That I Will Cherish Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8532-9
10   Heat Island Tokyo, And Guilt
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8533-7
11   You Are Here, Nothing But Sadness And Pain
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 058-8535-3
12   Aqua
Seigen Ono Seigen Ono 047-5313-5