Established 1987 by Seigen Ono. “Vamos pedir a saideira” means “Let’s have a last beer to go”, the first sentence Ono learned. It never end the last beer, go on and on ordering another one. “saída” means “output / exit”. So this is the label, the music should released to the world audience from this gate. If you learn how to use this sentence in Brazil, you can make so many good friends. That’s how Ono start life time project. 

KUU tour 2016


01. Man In Kitchen, Fluorescent Light
03. Ton Hai
04. Kuu
05. Things Are Never as Bad as You Think They Are
06. Layup Laps
07. Conditioned Response
08. Dawn on the Amazon
09. Pigeons
10. Lip Service
11. Average
12. Showcase

本作は2016年3月に行われたnouon ファーストアルバム"KUU"ツアーファイナル公演 "代官山晴れたら空に豆まいて" でのLiveレコーディング音源です。 マイク2本でDSDレコーディングされた繊細にして息吹まで肌で感じられるほどのクリアなサウンドをお楽しみください。DSDライヴレコーディング by Seigen Ono

NO.   Title Artist Arthor 作詞/作曲 JASRAC作品コード
1   Man In Kitchen, Fluorescent Light nouon Kevin McHugh  
2   Tsuyu nouon Kevin McHugh  
3   Ton Hai nouon Azusa Yamada  
4   Kuu nouon Kevin McHugh  
5   Things Are Never as Bad as You Think They Are nouon Huw Loiyd  
6   Layup Laps nouon Kevin McHugh  
7   Conditioned Response nouon Azusa Yamada  
8   Dawn on the Amazon nouon Huw Loiyd  
9   Pigeons nouon Kevin McHugh  
10   Lip Service nouon Kevin McHugh  
11   Average nouon Azusa Yamada  
12   Showcase nouon Kevin McHugh